BlackBerry JDE

BlackBerry JDE

A Java application development tool for BlackBerry mobile phones
BlackBerry JDE v7.1
12 Sep 2014
BlackBerry JDE v7.1b
7.1 β
30 Nov 2011
BlackBerry JDE v7.0
26 Jun 2011
BlackBerry JDE v6.0
15 Jul 2010
BlackBerry JDE v5.0
12 Jun 2009
BlackBerry JDE v4.7
29 Dec 2008
BlackBerry JDE v4.6
22 Sep 2008
BlackBerry JDE v4.5
27 Jul 2008
BlackBerry JDE v4.3
17 Jun 2008
BlackBerry JDE v4.2
14 Feb 2008
BlackBerry JDE v4.1
2 Jan 2009

What's new

v7.1 [23 Nov 2011]
BlackBerry Java SDK 7.1
This page lists new features for the BlackBerry Java SDK 7.1.
For BlackBerry Java SDKBlackBerry Java SDK 7.1, the documentation is moved into the format you are now viewing.
Documentation for earlier versions is still available at the old location, Java Development Guides and API Reference. (Use the version dropdown list to open earlier versions.)
Near Field Communication (NFC)
You can use the LLCPConnection and LLCPConnectionNotifier interfaces in the package to open a client or server connection with another NFC-enabled device.
To communicate with an NFC peer as a client, open a connection using the method. Cast the returned object as an LLCPConnection to retrieve the input and output streams for the connection.
In your connection string, you can define the service name or service access point for the connection. If you choose to use a service access point for your application, you should check whether the NFC Forum has reserved the service access point number.
To communicate with an NFC peer as a server, you can retrieve a Connection object using the LLCPConnectionNotifier interface. When you are ready to listen for a connection request, you can invoke LLCPConnectionNotifier.acceptAndOpen().
Simple NDEF Exchange Protocol
You can respond to NDEF push requests that use the Simple NDEF Exchange Protocol (SNEP) using the classes and interfaces in the package. When the BlackBerry device detects a SNEP request, it notifies any applications that registered interest in responding. Implement the NDEFMessageBuilder interface to create an NDEF message when a request arrives, and register your implementation using the NDEFPushManager class.
The device also notifies applications about the status of push requests. To receive status notifications, implement and register the NDEFPushStatusCallback using NDEFPushManager.
Connection Handover
You can register for notification of connection handover events using the classes and interfaces in the package. Only Bluetooth connection handovers are supported in the BlackBerry Java SDK 7.1.
A connection handover event begins when the device detects a smart tag that contains Bluetooth pairing information. The device negotiates a Bluetooth connection and passes the connection details to any applications that registered a ConnectionHandoverListener implementation. You can register a listener using the ConnectionHandoverManager class.

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